Shhh don’t tell mommy…

thimble jan Paci edit.png

Owl Love you!

Featuring {Bowtique & Beyond} @ Thimble

Paci: { B&B } Owl Love You Always Paci / 11.Owl Love Birds / RARE

PJs: I made them!

I was hanging out in mine studio and I found these awesome pacis so of course I had to steal them all and hides them in mine toy box! I fink them was supposed to be mines gifty for Valentine’s day… so don’t tell mine mommy that I found them!  Also I was working on some PJs cause I was bored and I fink I like them, hey maybe one day I can have a cool store too!


(I also am sorry about the studio photos, my internet is being mean and the studio is currently the best place to take photos so I am going to work on some sets.  I moved IRL and my internet likes to randomly stop working.)


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